“Our ultimate objective is to fulfill the unmet needs for health care partners”

Dr.Salman AlSaleh, Enmaeyat Group CEO

Why Choose Us

Breaking Barriers

Regulatory Barriers:
Pursuing full or partial acquisition opportunities of a registered site will grant E-Pharma immediate market access and a sizable market share besides the opportunity to hold >1 MA and expand on licensing opportunities (both in licensing and out licensing)

Technical Barriers:
Technically challenging therapy areas (e.g. Biologicals, inhalers) have always been untouchable to many regional players. E-Pharma’s cumulative experience and unique collaborative business models promises a fair opportunity to compete in these otherwise impenetrable, oligopolistic therapy areas.

A competent commercial entity.

Establishing the proper marketing machine will create the necessary market access and consequently secure business continuity.

Backward integration into manufacturing will then provide the necessary pipeline that will smoothly flow into an efficient operation with a sound brand entity and a solid corporate identity.

If the manufacturing entity is treated as a primary profit center, several market considerations could be overlooked and hence many opportunities missed due to the difference in operational KPIs between the two models.

World Class Alliances

By creating the unique CSO business model, which is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, E-Pharma successfully capitalized on the need for a professional local partner by multinationals

E-Pharma understands the changing dynamics of multinationals to efficiently compete with local and regional players worldwide. Namely, branded generics, product acquisitions, out licensing and outsourcing.

Rising regulatory restriction and code compliance issues have also led multinationals to appreciate the partnership with professional entities who understand and comply with local guidelines by national bodies.

Operational Excellence

Rather than moving sequentially from one sector the next, E-Pharma has opted to simultaneously establish small yet efficient business units in four areas: Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, Medical Devices and CSO.

This approach furnished a number of valuable competencies:
A steep learning curve for the organization shortening the route to operational excellence.
Readiness to establish alliances in a diverse spectrum of sectors
Flexible and agile business units that respond swiftly to market dynamics
Better risk control through cost synergy between units.

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